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    All students registered in the schools of New York State are REQUIRED by New York State Education Law and the Commissioner’s Regulations to attend courses of instruction in Physical Education (No Exemptions). These courses must be adapted to meet individual student needs if the student has medical limitations. This means that a student who is unable to participate fully in their Physical Education program must have activities modified to meet his/her individual needs.

    All long term situations, which result in a doctor excusing your child from Physical Education, must include an alternate activity for your child. When a long term excuse is given, your child’s physician should complete the Physical Education Recommendation Form. Please return the form to the health office with your physician’s suggestions for limitations and the recommendations for participation in Physical Education.

    Your child’s Physical Education teacher will provide an educational plan for your child based on the physician’s recommendations. A parent may still excuse their child for a short term of 2 days but we request any additional time be excused by your physician.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding these new directives please contact the Director of Physical Education and Athletics, at 677-3144.



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